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    Predeterminado Soft AP / Phishing Script [Release]

    Meet the PwnSTAR: Pwn_SofT_Ap_scRipt

    Will do far more than launch airbase-ng:

    • manage interfaces and MACspoofing
    • set up sniffing
    • serve up phishing or malicious web pages
    • launch karmetasploit
    • grab WPA handshakes
    • de-auth clients
    • manage IPtables

    Updated feature list:

    • captive-portal with iptables and php
    • more php scripts added
    • exploits added

    Designed to lead beginners through all the steps (and hopefully experts too will find it useful) - everything should work OOTB.

    Huge nod to snafu777, and in fact to everyone who has posted a script here.

    All comments appreciated - let me know if anything doesn't work, and what features you would like added.

    [Current version 0.72 - see post #98]

    Spend an evening with the PwnSTAR at Downloads - pwn-star - PwnSTAR: Pwn_SofT_Ap_scRipt. - Google Project Hosting

    Fuente:Soft AP / Phishing Script [Release]

    Here is an example of a phishing page, as seen by the victim, demonstrating PwnSTAR acting as a web server. It offers free WiFi in exchange for credentials. It only needs one...

    As it stands it doesn't have too many legitimate uses. However, it would be a simple job to copy the target's business logo onto the page, or clone their site, and then fire up PwnSTAR near the premises.

    I've only started learning html, so this is pretty rough. Feel free to contribute a more refined version. The more elegant, the more chance of success.

    Instructions for use:
    download and untar
    copy the hotspot directory into /var/www
    set permissions;
    hotspot directory:- group www-data, create and delete files
    formdata.txt:- group www-data, rw
    process-form-data.php:- make executable
    leave index.html where it is; PwnSTAR will move it into position

    Download from

    alguien sabe mas o menos su uso?y mas o menos de como va?.yo mas o menos se usarlo pero me sale un error con dhcp3-server en bactrack 5 r2
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    me salta este error alguien sabe como arreglarlo

    Generating /tmp/dhcpd.conf

    Starting DHCP server...
    Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server V3.1.3
    Copyright 2004-2009 Internet Systems Consortium.
    All rights reserved.

    For info, please visit
    /tmp/dhcpd.conf line 10: semicolon expected.
    /tmp/dhcpd.conf line 10: unexpected end of file
    Configuration file errors encountered -- exiting

    Soft AP is now running :-)

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